ISBE Rejects Laurel Lambert Schmidt’s Petitions!

  It was a dark day for democracy on Tuesday, December 27th, when the Illinois State Board of Elections refused to accept Laurel’s petitions even on a preliminary basis while her case goes to the Illinois Supreme Court.  Laurel attempted to file as an established party candidate in the 3rd Congressional District because she received more than 6% of the vote in that district in 2010.  According to Illinois election code, candidates who receive more than 5% of the vote in the previous general election are considered established party candidates; however, the ISBE has ruled that Laurel and all Green Party candidates must file as a new party because, they claim, the districts in which they received more than 5% of the vote no longer exist because of redistricting.

This screwy, clearly anti-democratic ruling by the ISBE stands in stark contrast to that of the Cook County Board of Elections which welcomed Greens as an established party for ward committee persons and the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District races.

Watch the video of Laurel’s pre-filing press conference outside the ISBE: