Spring State Meeting Called

Attention West Side Greens!  

Carpool, drive, or take the train to the next ILGP state meeting.

WHEN:  Saturday, March 15th from 9-5

WHERE:  Homewood Public Library, 17917 Dixie Highway in Homewood.

AGENDA:  Choose a state slate, elect officers and delegates as well as hear from candidates

COST:  Free

FUNDRAISER DINNER:  Sanfratellos, 127 West Main in Glenwood  6-9pm ($35/$20 low income)


The Metra Electric District Train runs from Millennium Station to the Homewood Station. If you take the 7:48am train, it will arrive in Homewood at 8:32am—just in time to walk to the meeting two blocks east to Dixie Highway and then 2 blocks north to the library. (Follow Harwood north and take Chestnut or Elm over to Dixie Highway)

The metra also leaves Chicago at 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30

Return trip via Metra: Trains leave from Homewood at the following times: 5:57, 6:55, 7:54, 8:54, 9:54, 10:54, 11:54

There will be shuttle service to and from the metra station for those who request it.  (Call Rita at 708-955-6964)