Green Party State Meeting Makes News in Peoria

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Recognize the faces in this video?  Yes, the Green Party was big news in Peoria last Saturday.  If you missed the meeting, no worries.  Verne Peterson taped all the important parts and put them up on YouTube.  I will post links here or go to the ILGP Channel on

Illinois Green Party hosts membership meeting in Peoria

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By WEEK Reporter
October 3, 2015

PEORIA, Ill. — The Illinois Green Party was in the river city Saturday discussing the future of the party.

Members elected an executive committee member, held a discussion panel and made plans for the 2016 election cycle.

“Been trying to focus on local elections. We have had some members elected to park boards, library boards, city councils and, you know, it gives them experience, it gets Green Party people in the community,” said Vito Mastrangelo, chairperson of the Illinois Green Party.

Party members hosted a fundraising dinner Saturday night at Childers Banquet Center in Peoria.